Posted by carlson on May 25, 2017 in Case Study

Ximedica knows all about innovation and searching for the best solution to complicated challenges. As a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of FDA-regulated medical products, they know that exploring more than one option makes the most sense, and that a lot can be learned from the search for an answer.

Their Twin Cities operation faced an upcoming lease operation, which provided the opportunity to not just find a larger, flexible footprint, but also to establish its brand more strongly in the market. At the same time, they needed to stay within tight budget parameters from corporate.

Ximedica gave Carlson Commercial the kind of challenge we love. We took the time to do our research, doing a deep dive into Ximedica’s long-term growth plans. We also took a critical look at the locations they already knew they wanted to explore. Then we embarked on a comprehensive search, finding alternatives that fit their needs.

We presented three strategic lease proposals from the extensive options we reviewed. Working closely with Ximedia, Carlson Commercial made a thorough comparison of rent structures and indirect benefits – and challenges – of each property. With three options to compare, Ximedica was able to make a smart, informed decision about how its long-term space needs would be met.

Knowing what was needed and what the market could offer put Ximedica in a strong bargaining position. As a result, they are now leasing an additional 18,000 square feet in their desired location, along with a substantial tenant improvement allowance and lease flexibility to accommodate growth.