Tenant Specialization

Posted by carlson on August 28, 2014 in Tenant Rep

We’re commercial real estate brokers who represent tenants, not landlords.  Our primary reason for this focused approach is to avoid any conflicting interests when advising tenants regarding real estate strategy.

In our previous roles, our team represented both tenants and landlords.  We had tenant clients, yet maintained a portfolio of landlord listing work.  Our experience – a combined 30+ years – has allowed us to understand how landlords think, equipping us with a comprehensive understanding of the transaction process.  The office joke is that we all started as prosecutors, and now have moved to tenant defense!

What we have realized is that representing tenants is more rewarding for us.  We enjoy creating solutions for clients, and our long term outlook has generated very close relationships.  Carlson Commercial has managed lease relocations, renewals, renovations and restructures.  We experience profound satisfaction watching our clients thrive and grow, as we know we have played a small, yet significant, part in helping them achieve their goals.