Posted by carlson on April 24, 2017 in Case Study

Fifteen years in one location can be a long time. Especially when your company is growing. NAMSA, a leader in providing expertise in consulting, laboratory testing services, and clinical research, had spent fifteen years focused on serving clients. And not on updating their space.

As years passed, the lack of amenities and parking became less of a minor inconvenience and more of an actual obstacle to productivity. Energy was not as high as it could have been. And attracting new talent was challenging.

NAMSA came to Carlson Commercial to help them find space that would meet not just their practical need for more space, but also their strategic need to attract and retain employees. “After many years in the same location we hired Carlson Commercial to review our space options and to help us secure an updated, long-term solution to our needs,” said Ann Quinlan-Smith, Division President, Clinical and Consulting.

We put together a strategic real estate plan and guiding the NAMSA team through usability items and the impact space has on employees, both current and prospective.

Carlson Commercial solicited five proposals from a list of more than 11 space options. Each proposal was presented to NAMSA with an analysis of benefits and challenges. By leveraging multiple proposals, we helped NAMSA beat the market and secure the space they wanted.

“I can’t say enough about the professionalism and partnership that we formed with Phil, Eddie and Carlson Commercial. Carlson put together a facilities team that managed the entire process and executed on key issues throughout. Everything went smoothly and we are grateful for the value Carlson Commercial brought to us in this once-in-a-generation move,” said Quinlan-Smith

Today, NAMSA is enjoying an open and collaborative environment with positive energy that inspires employees and attracts prospects, all situated within an office campus with great amenities and parking.