Posted by carlson on February 7, 2019 in New Hire/Promotion

We’re expanding our team to meet the growing demand for expertise in downtown Minneapolis real estate. Adam Barrett is joining Carlson Partners as a director, and brings with him considerable experience and a passion for helping companies find spaces that meet more than just square footage requirements. He’s tapped into the rapidly changing dynamics of the downtown market, and he knows how to find a “home” that fits your company’s culture.

Early in his career, Adam helped launch the concept of high-end, full-service packages for downtown Minneapolis tenants, incorporating conference centers, fitness centers, on-site medical clinics, and more into corporate spaces. Seven years in IT staffing and consulting have given him even more insight into the importance of well-defined corporate culture for successful teams. He’s eager to bring his expertise back to the commercial real estate world, and to work with clients to find spaces that support and enrich their companies’ cultures.

“Adam brings a passion for the community to his work with real estate clients. He helps companies look beyond the brick-and-mortar aspects of a lease to the impact a space will have on the people who work there,” said Ted Carlson. “We’re excited to bring Adam on board to work closely with clients to define and find solutions that will meet their unique needs.”

Adam is a lifelong Minneapolis resident and graduate of Gustavus Adolphus with connections to communities across the Twin Cities. He’s excited to work in downtown Minneapolis, but it’s Lake Harriet that is his “place of zen.” He makes the most of this urban oasis, running, kayaking, swimming, and enjoying popcorn as only the Lake Harriet bandshell snack bar can make it.