Blanks USA – 96,000 sf HQ purchase

Posted by carlson on July 15, 2015 in Case Study, Manufacturing, Tenant Rep

Blanks USA

Blanks USA was founded over 30 years ago selling door hangers and raffle tickets. Since its inception, Blanks has evolved into an industry-leading supplier of security paper and die cut paper products. Blanks experienced healthy growth and that growth was projected to continue, which created a real estate issue. Blanks had reached capacity in their single tenant facility.

After meeting with the Blanks USA team and learning more about the company and the owners’ long-term goals, Tim Olsen developed a clear path to accomplish the real estate goals. Blanks USA wanted to leave their facility. Tim was tasked to locate a property that would allow Blanks to expand operations and allow for future growth.

In 2011, Tim found a property located a couple miles from Blanks’ existing location. Using his team’s in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and property owner, Tim negotiated a closing price $1,000,000 lower than the original asking price. The property had two current tenants and room for Blanks USA to occupy, which accomplished the original objective.